About Us

Founder Andreas Jaeger has many years of experience working with large companies such as IBM, KEMET, Spirit Aerospace, and Convergys (DirecTV).  His main focus was in the role of customer service leadership, and as such utilized his skills to streamline core processes to help maximize time usage. For the past five years, he has worked with several startups designing their Operations processes and procedures, developing manuals, and optimizing their business flow. A strong background in the sciences, and a meticulous attention to detail allows his customer-centric approach to ensure that your business runs at peak efficiency.





“Over the past month I have had the privilege of working with Andreas in a Mastermind group; I have found his knowledge and intellect to be extremely beneficial to the efficiency and effectiveness of my enterprise. Andreas has helped me improve my business processes and I would gladly serve as reference should any enterprise be interested in inquiring into the quality of his services.” –C J DeGuara, Digital Marketing Director

“Andreas is extremely enthusiastic about his work, loves to mentor others, and brings with him a sort of energy that can’t easily be explained. His positive outlook is undoubtedly contagious in a great way and I admired his ability to organize others. I have no doubt that Andreas will continue be an amazing person doing amazing things where ever he is.” – AJ Shah, Cisco Systems – Consulting Systems

“Andreas has always been someone that I can count on. Always professional and extremely skilled, he would handle the toughest issues and the most difficult customers. Andreas quickly earned a reputation both within Virtela and our customer base of being a key resource. Andreas quickly responded to difficult issues, calmly trained others, and skillfully responded to internal and customer requests. All in all, I cannot say enough good things about the guy. Thank you, Andreas.” – Adi Aderhold, Account Manager at Unitas Global

“Through my interactions with Andreas at Virtela, I quickly learned that he is positive, proactive and customer centric. Andreas was able to quickly develop a good working relationship with customer and employees alike and all come to know, trust and enjoy working with him very quickly. I very much appreciated my interactions with Andreas and would highly recommend him as a valued addition to any team.” – Paul Levy, PMP, PMO Management | Senior Project Management | Process & Program Management | Systems Development