Small Business Process Evaluations

-Business Process Consult will collect and evaluate all the processes used within the small business.
-We with start with a simultaneous analysis of processes already in place (and the “players”), along with the business goals that are to be achieved. This gives me a good idea of what is already going on, as well as what is essentially missing. I take time to learn as much as I can about your specific business, and then I put a lot of effort into the detail. That is not to say that processes must be complicated, but it assures that nothing is missed, and that optimization can be done with relative ease. Using the information collected, we will outline the current “known” steps that need to be taken to accomplish the desire goals of each.
-Recommendations will then be given on how to optimize each to achieve maximum efficiency.


-Price: 1-5 Employees $350, 6-10 Employees $500, 11 and over price upon request.